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Posted by Mr.K on 22nd September and posted in Summer Schools, US Colleges

Every summer there are numerous pre-college summer possibilities For those heading into Year 12 or Year 13. These can help students develop their abilities, focus their goals and find the path that will lead them on from Uplands.

One such possibility is LeadAmerica, an organisation with whom I have previous experience in China, and their 2012 LeadAmerica National Student Leadership Conferences

Lead America (and a number of other like minded groups) offer outstanding, high-achieving high school students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and the experience of real college life at some of the top colleges and universities throughout the United States, including Stanford, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, George Washington and many others. LeadAmerica programs are designed to better prepare students academically and emotionally for the transition to college and beyond.

Here are some of the benefits students can enjoy:

  • Study abroad at a leading U.S. university
  • A competitive advantage when applying for college
  • The experience of campus life that helps prepare them for college and beyond
  • Exploration of future career paths and the fields they want to study in college
  • Development of leadership skills, self-discipline, confidence, independence and maturity
  • The possibility of some college credit

If you are interested I need to nominate students by Friday, October 21, 2011. Please see me asap.

You can download the brochures by clicking on the following links: High School Brochure  or find relevant information on conferences as below
If you are interested in other summer schools in the UK, Europe or the US there is a lot of information in the Universities Office.
Till next time…

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