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NYU Abu Dhabi

Posted by Mr.K on 21st September and posted in Scholarships and awards, Universities in the Middle-East, US Colleges, Visits and fairs

For any Year 12 or 13 students contemplating their options

New York University has recently opened a new campus in Abu Dhabi to which they offer generous scholarships for top students at preferred schools (Uplands is one their preferred schools). If you are interested in this college Uplands can nominate two of our top students who will be eligible for paid trip (hotel, flights and some expenses) to visit the campus in Abu Dhabi. Nomination dates are as below. There is also material in the Universities Office that can be viewed, as well as a presentation.

NYUAD will be visiting Penang during October on 27th which unfortunately falls within our term break. However the rep is willing to meet with Uplands students at some mutually agreed point or may possibly return in November. They return to Penang to visit Uplands on November 17th (B106 @ 12.30pm).

If, after viewing the website and/or meeting the university rep, you feel you like to be nominated for this school please see me in the Universities Office (B106B – up the stairs behind the DT Lab).

Deadlines for Nomination:
Early Decision Admission
May 24, 2011 / October 1, 2011
Regular Decision Admission
May 24, 2011 / October 1, 2011 / November 15, 2011

Till next time…

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