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UCAS: Applications, Personal Statements

Posted by Mr.K on 20th September and posted in Personal Statement, UCAS, UK Universities

Personal Statements Workshop

There will be a personal statement workshop next Tuesday 27/9 in C103 at lunchtime. You can bring your lunch with you. Year 12’s may also attend if interested.


For those applying to the UK – make sure your insurance choice is just that, an insurance choice.

“A UCAS review showed 40% of insurance choices were for universities that demanded the same or higher grades than applicants’ top choices.”

Every year students come unstuck and don’t leave themselves a fallback position. If you’re not sure come and chat with me.

UCAS Dates

Students applying from outside the UK or EU, whatever their nationality, need to be aware of the three application deadlines but many universities and colleges will consider their application until 30 June. This does not apply to applications for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, courses in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or veterinary science. For all of these, you must apply by 15 October.

Universities and colleges do not guarantee to consider applications they receive after 15 January (or 24 March for some art and design courses), and some popular courses may not have vacancies after those dates. If, after the application deadline (15 October, 15 January or 24 March) has passed, universities and colleges have received enough applications for any of their courses, they will be able to close them. Students should check with individual universities and colleges if they are not sure. Students are advised to apply as early as possible.

Correct names and registering exam results

Each year UCAS matches approximately 400,000 applicants applying through UCAS to the examinations they have recorded on their application. It is important to note that as a UCAS applicant you should enter your ‘First name’ as the name that appears on your legal documents (passport). If you have a name by which you prefer to be known this should be entered in the ‘Preferred first name’ field.

And don’t forget to register for your exam results to be sent directly to universities wherever you are going. This is important. We just had one ex-student excluded from classes at his university because he neglected to get his results sent on!

Till next time…


  1. Angus Cheang

    Comrade, regarding the last paragraph, I am not aware of any registration form. Where exactly in the UCAS form may I find it?


    • Mr.K

      Register with Ms. Atkins Comrade, or you will be sent for rehabilitation.

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