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UK course and university finder / Yale & Westminster visits / U.Sydney applicants

Posted by Mr.K on 16th May and posted in Australian Universities, IB Qualifications, SAT's, Scholarships and awards, Singapore Universities, Small colleges, UK Universities, University of Sydney, US Colleges, Visits and fairs

For those intending to study in the UK this is a very useful search tool I’ve found – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/universityeducation/university-course-finder/ It will help prioritise certain aspects that are important such employability, student/staff ratios and student satsifaction. There is also lots of other useful material including articles and league tables.

There was a mistake in last Friday’s newsletter. The visit on Friday evening 25th May is from both Yale University AND Yale/NUS. More details here – https://unidirections.com/uniblog/yale-university-visit-to-penang/

Those interested in Cold War history will remember the famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech made by Winston Churchill. The place where he made that speech, Westminster College, is coming to visit us on Friday 25th May at lunchtime in C103. The good news is that Westminster, based in Missouri, requires no SAT’s or TOEFL, accepts students based on IB scores and offers some scholarships. See http://www.westminster-mo.edu/ for more details and/or come along to the presentation.

Effective immediately, all International Baccalaureate (IB) applicants seeking admission to the University of Sydney may apply either directly to the International Office or through the NSW University Admissions Centre (UAC) – see link at right.  Previously, IB applicants could only apply through UAC.

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