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Universities update – 9 March 2012

Posted by Mr.K on 9th March and posted in Australian Universities, Hong Kong Universities, Liberal Arts Colleges, New Zealand Universities, Singapore Universities, UK Universities, Uni blog information & news, Visits and fairs

By this time next week Uplands would have hosted a total of 45 universities over a two week period! Our visitors during this time have come from the UK, Australia, HK and New Zealand.

The Australian university fair and London universities presentation, both held last Monday, were great successes with 150+ of our students participating. The fairs were of particular benefit to our Year 10 and 11 cohorts who are starting to consider their options for Sixth Form and ultimately for their education beyond Uplands.

On Tuesday from 9.30-11.45 Uplands will host the Education UK fair in the MPH as well as six seminars. See https://unidirections.com/uniblog/?p=236 for more information. Please note that the fair is for our Year 11 and Year 12 students. Year 10 and Year 13 students may attend during their morning break only. Naturally Uplands parents are more than welcome to attend.

Further university visits coming up this month include Charles Sturt University next Friday (B106, lunchtime) and the new Yale-NUS College in Singapore (Thursday 22 March – lunchtime, B104)

Mr. Klar would like to remind Year 11 parents that they should be logging onto Naviance with their son or daughter to look at the career choices suggested through their personality profile. This information will prove very useful when considering Sixth Form choices for next year.

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