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University and College References

Posted by Mr.K on 23rd September and posted in Commonapp, Personal Statement, Teacher References, UCAS

For US and UK applicants it is necessary for them to have teachers write references on their behalf.

Usually teachers will cover some or all of the following points:

  • your academic performance in IB/A-Levels
  • your potential for academic success in higher education
  • why the course you have chosen is suited to you
  • any personal qualities which will benefit you at university, such as skills, aptitude, enthusiasm
  • what you can bring to the university, such as extra-curricular activities and interests.

It’s important that students do the following:

  1. DO NOT ask many teachers to write a reference then just try to use the best one(s). It can take several hours to write a good reference and seeing that work wasted will not endear you to teachers!
  2. Choose a teacher that knows you well, and preferably within the subject area that you are applying for.
  3. Supply the teacher a copy of your personal statement or essay as well as CV. Discuss your achievements, how many languages you speak, etc. Give them something good to work with.
  4. Ask for the reference WELL IN ADVANCE. If within a short time frame the teacher may not have time to write you a reference or will write a poor one. So provide plenty of notice.
  5. Lastly, show some appreciation. It is not something they must do for you. A teacher can give up several hours of their time to help you out and it is nice to know that effort is appreciated.

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