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Australia streamlines visas for foreign students

Posted by Mr.K on 22nd September in 

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-09-22/foreign-students-to-get-visa-incentive/2911346 Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans says the Government is reducing the amount of money students must have in the bank before coming to Australia. It will also allow students to stay for work experience once they have completed their studies.

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Lead America

Posted by Mr.K on 22nd September in 

Every summer there are numerous pre-college summer possibilities For those heading into Year 12 or Year 13. These canĀ help students develop their abilities, focus their goalsĀ and find the path that will lead them on from Uplands. One such possibility is LeadAmerica, an organisation with whom I have previous experience in China, and their 2012 LeadAmerica […]

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