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University and College References

Posted by Mr.K on 23rd September in 

For US and UK applicants it is necessary for them to have teachers write references on their behalf. Usually teachers will cover some or all of the following points: your academic performance in IB/A-Levels your potential for academic success in higher education why the course you have chosen is suited to you any personal qualities which will […]

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Updates from i-studentgroup

Posted by Mr.K on 23rd September in 

News from i-Student i-HT– Covering courses in Hospitality and Tourism around the world, including THE-ICE supplement i-BEL– Learn about courses in Business, Economics and Law including MBAs, accounting and finance  i-SECT – Find out about courses in the fields of Science, Engineering, Computing and Technology i-studentadvisor We’re pleased to unveil the new i-studentadvisor website, which […]

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Studying Law & admission to the Malaysian Bar

Posted by Mr.K on 23rd September in 

 A parent recently raised the issue with me about Law and which qualifications are deemed acceptable for admission to the Malaysian Bar. Some research lead me to a very interesting article here: High time for a new Bar Apart from bemoaning the standard of new lawyers coming through the system the article lists the appropriate […]

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